Do I Need a Website If I have a Facebook Page?

Do I Need a Website If I have a Facebook Page?

There’s no denying that if a business wants to be successful in today’s world that they need to have a high quality and perfectly maintained a virtual presence. However, when you start thinking about ways to reach out to your clients online, what really comes to mind first? Business owners, such as myself, are always looking to connect with our customer base and touch them in ways that will make them feel more attached to our business and what we have to offer than any other organization. This has become easier than ever before because of social media. 

Social media sites, such as Facebook, allow myself and other small business owners to promote our products and our services in new and exciting ways, giving the customers a taste of what they could have when they invest in our business in ways that no other marketing tactic can, which leads many to question whether or not any other virtual sites are necessary. 

For years, paying for and having a quality website that represents our businesses has always been the go-to for virtual presence. However, these social media sites are now coming in and starting to change the game. But, can these free social platforms really give us everything that a high-end website can? 

First things first, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this social media giant. 

Massive Exposure Through Facebook

One of the first of many benefits that Facebook offers companies, such as mine, is the instant exposure to a wide range of people around the world. This is truly an audience that represents almost the entire globe, providing us with an audience we may have never engaged with otherwise. However, just because the site is full of potential clients doesn’t mean that any of them will actually take a look at our pages. 

We’ll need to create exciting and engaging posts that will inspire people to follow our businesses to see what you come up with next. If you’re able to create a page that people will enjoy looking at a day in and day out, you can certainly gain a wide audience for almost no investment on your part. 

Gain More Information 

Once we’ve gathered a sizeable audience through Facebook, it will now become increasingly easy for us to gain more information on our clients. I decided to do this through polls, contests, and even email blasts. This way, I was able to instantly gather important information that could be crucial to the way I move my business forward in the future. The more you understand about the way clients view your product and your business, the better you’ll be able to market whatever it is you’re trying to sell. 

Facebook Is Free 

What is the best part of adding your business to Facebook? It’s free. This social media site allows companies to create business pages where they are able to engage with their clients and take advantage of every marketing tactic they can for absolutely no cost. This can be a massive benefit, especially to new businesses that are just starting out and don’t have the funding behind them quite yet. While it’s true that Facebook will charge you to promote our pages or sponsor our posts, it’s far less expensive than it would be to create an advertisement through traditional means. 

There’s no doubt that the exposure and new customers we can gain as a result of marketing through this site is pretty incredible, even by today’s standards. 

Facebook Insights 

Are you having a hard time creating marketing plans that seem to really reach your target audience? Are you confused by what your audience base is actually expecting from you? Then, Facebook Insights might just be your new best friend. I just couldn’t seem to create posts that made much of an impact until I found this useful tool. Insights is a program that Facebook has added onto business pages that allows you to see how many followers you have, how many followers you’ve lost, what posts do best in terms of engagement, what posts reach the most followers, the performance of your page overall, and much more. 

This kind of information can be absolutely crucial for business owners who are looking to really get a better idea of what their clients are looking for and can help you create the perfect marketing campaign for your next big launch. 

However, just because Facebook comes with this wide range of benefits, it doesn’t mean that should be the only site you use. 

Lack of Engagement, Lack of Exposure 

Getting people to like our pages and follow what we’re doing is great. However, just because someone starts liking what we post doesn’t mean that they’ll always see whatever it is we share. When users stop engaging with the posts of businesses they follow, Facebook will automatically remove that page from their newsfeed, forcing you to have to pay to promote your page to get it back out there and reaching your client base.

This can become extremely frustrating, especially if we’ve already spent so much time gaining our audience. Even the best brands in the world can’t guarantee that their clients will engage in everything they post, and this can end up dramatically affecting how much our clients see. If this is our only type of virtual presence, it can be a real problem in the long run.  

Less Brand Control 

Another serious issue that many business owners will notice when they create a Facebook business page will be the lack of control they have over the formatting and design. While we can place your logo as the profile image and have an exciting photo as our cover page, that’s about as far as you can go in terms of customization. Facebook has the same layout and design for every business site, which creates a sense of equality and uniformity but can take away that something special that businesses are always aiming to exude. 

On the other hand, when we have a high quality and well designed private website, we’ll be able to control every aspect of how our brand is represented. We can communicate our vision, our values, and even our hopes for the future is well thought out and considerate format. At the end of the day, modern customers want to know what makes our business different from the rest of the competition, and a standard Facebook page won’t really be able to communicate that information effectively. 

Constant Competition

When you own a website, you know that your business and your business alone is being represented at the time. This will never be the case with Facebook. Too many businesses have discovered the benefits that this social media site can provide and have jumped on the social media bandwagon, meaning that we are essentially condensing the competition pool in a way that’s never been seen before, and that number is only going to rise with each and every year. 

Lack of Information 

When customers visit our site, there’s a wide range of information they may be looking for and that we want to communicate right from the get-go. Unfortunately, Facebook pages only allow us to show specific information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, hours of operation, and so forth. While we can certainly publish this additional information and post a photo, few virtual visitors will take the time to scroll through everything we’ve ever published to find the information they want. 

Our private website will give you the ability to keep all the information we want front and center so that clients can see what it is we want them to know from the very first moment they drop by.  

So, should Facebook be the end-all, be-all for your business? No. Should your business have a Facebook page at all? Definitely yes. Virtual presencing should never be limited to one specific site. As a business owner, you want to take advantage of every advantage out there, and so what you really want to do is create and maintain both. Facebook can be a great way to gain a broader audience and inspire engagement with your brand, pointing viewers back to your website for further information after the fact. The best part of all is that all of this exposure comes with absolutely no price tag, allowing you to spend that money in other places, such as a great website. 

Customers want to see everything that makes your business unique and better than all the rest right on your homepage when they first take a look. This means that you’ll need to create a perfectly designed and well thought out page that communicates everything you need customers to know within the first few moments of them scrolling around. Having some fun and exciting posts for customers to engage with will only help your cause. Between a beautiful website and a strong social media presence, you can rest assured knowing that your client base will grow more and more with each passing day, placing your business on the fast track to success before you know it.  

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