In addition to web hosting, Rebolt Web Services also offers custom website and logo creations, email addresses, search engine optimization, and much more. Take a look at our packages to see which one meets your needs


$523One TIme
$523One TIme
  • 5 Web Pages
  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact Us page
  • 2 additional webpages*
  • 5 Email addresses
  • Customer provides content


$945One TIme
$945One TIme
  • 10 Web Pages
  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact Us page
  • 7 additional webpages*
  • 10 Email addresses
  • Customer provides content


$1,318One TIme
$1,318One TIme
  • 15 Web Pages
  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact Us page
  • 12 additional webpages*
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Customer provides content

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Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Wikipedia defines web hosting as an internet service that allows you to make websites available to the world wide web. Basically, web hosting allows you to store files (pictures, documents, video) online to be viewed by the world. While it is possible to host your own website, it is much easier to use a web hosting provider.

Why You Need Web Hosting

Without web hosting your customers will not be able to view your products and services. Without web hosting and websites in general, you do not have your own space online. While sites like Facebook and Twitter are nice, you are borrowing their space. At any time, social media sites can decide they no longer want to loan out their space.

Web hosting is essential for hosting your own website, regardless of product or service.

I will manage your web hosting so that your website is working 99% of the time. You can focus on growing your business, while I focus on maintaining your internet footprint.

Custom Logo

Logos are important for businesses because it means that you take your work seriously. It is one of the first things customers see and the most identifiable aspect of a business. Quick, what’s the logo for McDonald’s, Target, and Ford? Long after you’ve completed a job, your customers will remember your logo.

I will create a custom logo based on your direction. The logo will be based on your color scheme and can be fun or serious, depending on what you prefer. Also, I can incorporate your business tools into the logo. For example, if you work in lawn care, I can incorporate a lawn mower, rake, grass, or anything else that you want to convey to your clients.

Custom Website Creation

One of the most time consuming but important parts of creating a website is building the site itself. Think of building a website like building a house. In this example, the website creation is the foundation and framing. Nothing else can get done until the website is framed correctly.

I will create a great foundation for your website that will increase your business. I will not move to the website design until you feel that the frame is correct.

Website Design

I will design a website based on your needs. The website will be professional and modern. Like the logo, a website can be the difference between closing a sale and losing a client. I will create the website based on the color scheme you choose and will add any functionality you need.

For example, if you want customers to make payments online through the website, I can do that. If you want the ability for customers to schedule appointments, I will do that as well. Any feature you need to grow your business can be added to your website.

Email Addresses

One of the best ways to get new business is with email addresses. It is a great way to answer questions, give price quotes, and interact with other businesses. Like web hosting, you need an email address that is your own. Email addresses that aren’t your own can be taken away without notice.

Stop using email addresses that end with .sbc, att, .timewarner, etc. These email addresses give the appearance of a business that lacks innovation and creativity. Instead, use a website that ends with your business name. For example, instead of using, use Using the ladder gives the appearance of a real business.

Domain Name Registration

Domain names transform a series of numbers into words that your customers will know and remember. When you create a website, your identifier is, which will be difficult to remember. A domain name transforms that number into

While it is possible to use names that use .net, I recommend using .com as it looks more professional. I will work with you to create a domain name that represents your business.

Website Tutorial

Once the website is created to your specifications, I will walk you through it. You will have complete control of modifying the website as you see fit. This walkthrough will show you have everything works, and how to make changes like adding pictures, pages, and posts.

The tutorial can be conducted onsite or online, depending on your preferences.

Social Media Installation/ Setup

Social media is a great way to interact with customers and push them back to your website. Social media can be used to provide updates, share crazy stories, and keep your clients/ customers engaged. I will create social media accounts for the following pages:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin

In addition, I will show you how to use each page and add your custom logo to each account.

Social Media Management

Now that you have your social media accounts created, you need someone to manage them. Managing these accounts can include reposts, sharing feedback, and posting new content frequently.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of landing on the front page on Google. Google is the largest search in the world and studies shown that your business traffic increases dramatically if your site is on the first page.

If someone asks Google “Baby sitter near me?” You want your site to show in the top 5. I will work to make sure your website lands in the top 5 for your location.

Drone Photos

As you know, drones are the cool new business toy. With this service, I will take multiple aerial photos of your service, or location. For example, if you work in lawn care, I will come out and take aerial photos of you are your employees hard at work.

Website Content/ Updates

A website is only as good as the last time it’s been updated. One of the best ways to climb to the top of Google rankings is to continually add valuable content to your site. With this service, I will add content to your website. The content will as frequent or infrequent as you’d like.

Content can include interviews, pictures, blog posts, or anything else you may find valuable. The process is simple, email me the content, and I will upload it to your site. I will make sure the formatting is correct, and ads value to the site.

Email Support

Email support is for those moments when you’ve broken your website and you’re not sure what to do. Email is also for the time you need to add someone to your site. Simply email me, and I will make sure your website is working as soon as possible.

Phone Support

Phone support is email support to the next level. You will have my phone number to call if and when your website breaks. Also, you can call if you want a quick refresher.

Website Creation Time Frames

With the Basic plan, a website will be created in 48 hours. This means that the framing will be done in two days. After the framing is up, you will give me feedback on the site. The Premium package includes websites completed within 24 hours, and the Complete package includes a completed website the same day.

Note that we are in the Central Time Zone


In addition to the services listed above, here are a few services that are offered al la carte. These services can be purchased as needed, on short notice.

  • Phone support
  • Onsite support (local only)
  • Even pictures

Referral Program

Also, I offer a referral program in which you can receive a discount on future services. Contact me to discuss how you can save money by referring friends and family to my hosting service.

Why Hire Rebolt Web Services?

Finally, the most difficult question, why should I purchase web hosting through RWS? We are IT professional by trade and we have experience working with clients of all sizes. More importantly, customer service is the most important aspect of any job. We will provide the best customer service experience you’ve ever received. Once you become our customer, you get our personal cell phone numbers!

Our Promise

RWS will check in with you multiple types per week, just to make sure you aren’t having any issues with your web hosting or site.

RWS will provide the best customer service experience you’ve ever received from an IT company.

Contact us if you have additional questions about pricing, packages, or services.